Senior Year Essentials

Seniors with 88 or more hours are required to have a graduation Application on File. Seniors Completing degree requirements are to have their application submitted by the deadlines below:

Fall, Spring & Summer Completers : October 15,2019

Late Application Deadline is February 7,2020

Graduation Application

Your Graduation Application must be completed and turned into the Registrar Office by the designated deadline.


There is a lot to prepare for as you begin to transition from your undergraduate career, this checklist is essential to ensure you have all your items taken care of.

Clearance Form

The Clearance Form clears you with each major department of the college. It must be received by the Registar's Office by the given Deadline


The Commencement Ceremony is a monumental time in your life. The Commencement Magazine features your mandatory itinierary for the days leading up to Commencement.